Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Style goes both ways

It was very comforting to get clients who share my style in photography. It made my life easier as what they want is common with what I can and love to do.

Not just that I always ended up falling in love with their home decor!  Both Stephanie and Melissa's homes are so well decorated in my taste that I keep wishing that my home looks like theirs. A photographer's dream. Lots of natural light, and white/neural colors with cute/chic decors.

That was newborn Emerson, and below is 3 years later.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Baby Marisa

Marisa's mom got a bunch of cool fabrics for this photoshoot and I got to play around with a wider variety of fabrics than what I usually carry to my client's home. So, you can see a different tone of photos here due to a warmer/brown/earthier backdrop that I didn't usually use before. It's a good way to try different styles; it IS a different style for me even if it's just a change of backdrop color because I like white photos and not brown. :-D  If I can do a warm tone right, it gives a cozy feel to the photos whereas the white photos have a clean/fresh feel. 

Christopher for Christmas

This handsome boy rarely smiles (at least during the shoots) and he's a busy bee and only gets busier as he gets older. But his parents are the most chilled and easy-going parents ever to do a photoshoot with and always fun just to even hang out. His mom is my idol for fun parenting. If Scarlett gets a lot of fun time and if I prioritize her fun over other things, thanks to Christopher's mom. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sibling of the twins

It's that 3 years mark that my clients come back for newborn sibling photoshoots!  These twins were my first paid clients who gave me a paycheck and encouraged me to keep moving with my photography business.  I will never forget how it felt and they will always be in a sweet spot in my heart.

They just got a little sister!  And oh how they have changed. I'm flattered and honored that this family asked me back for a sibling photoshoot after all these years.

'Tis the season with Cheryl

 Excellent choice of location by Cheryl's mom. I couldn't think of any better location for Christmas theme photos. San Jose Christmas in the park is pretty empty in the early morning, yet the lights are on once they open and music everywhere for little children.

Baby Emerson

This photoshoot was from 3 years ago. I've been putting it off to posting that they are welcoming a new baby brother already. I can't wait to do another newborn photoshoot with this lovely family.